First Year Expenses After Marriage As A Couple

The wedding is a ritual full of investments. Investment of both emotions and money. There are so many pre and post marriage expenses involved in a wedding process. As the pre-wedding days are important for building an emotional bond between two partners; it’s also a good time for planning some post-wedding expenses. As per experts, money creates most of the problems in couples than anything else. The best way to keep such arguments away from your relationship is to start talking about finances before getting married. Plan about all your post marriage expenses including debt, savings, income, and spendings.

It’s the best idea to plan your money as a couple. Take decisions about your bank accounts like whether you will have a joint account, separate account or both. Usually, the first talk about money in a couple is awkward but it will help your first year of marriage go smoothly.

Here is the list of expenses which needs to be considered as a couple

Honeymoon: The very first thing that needs to be planned according to your financial status is the honeymoon. This is the first expense that you will spend together as a couple. As there is no such average amount that people usually spend on the honeymoon. But it’s always better to set your budget for a particular expense. Most of the time couples do set a budget for a honeymoon as they start to think about where to go. If you will stick to your budget and plan a trip that both of you will remember for the rest of your lives. Once you plan for your spend during honeymoon ask some questions to find out what each of you likes. Also plan for unplanned expenses like shopping, fun events, entry fees, games, etc.

Apartment or flat: After you start your life together it’s obvious that you will settle for yourself into a new place. Whether it’s a row house or flat it will be a place where you will spend your quality time together. So if you are not settled in your career yet then it will be a good idea to have an apartment on rent. It’s a way of keeping your options open later so that after settling in your career you can have your own dream house. And if you have resources available then go for your own house or apartment but think about the future also as you will plan for the baby after a few years. Whether it’s rental or own house it will consume 20 to 30 percent of your monthly income. Consider the factors like additional costs of a deposit on a rental or down payment if you buy an apartment.

Furniture: Done with the finalization of place to live? now plan for the interior of your home. Furniture is also an important aspect of home fulfilled with all your needs. A single bed where you slept with a cute little teddy bear will not be comfortable anymore. A shoe rack made of an old table was really disgusting as your best friend keeps telling you. First of all, you need to talk to your partner about things that you already own. Now prioritize your needs and wants then create a purchase list and finalize your budget. Furniture is a long term investment so don’t rush to purchase it. Think before you move. Get your furniture one by one, let the time go in between your every purchase.

Household appliances: This is another important part of a fully furnished house. Household appliances include both electrical and non-electrical appliances. If you want to buy Refrigerator then you will have options like a single door or double door. Have a fridge of your favorite brand and color of your choice. Now let’s turn to the not so favorite part of your daily life i.e. laundry. Planning to buy a washing machine? Then decide things like brand, top load, front load, and weight. You can also have your own iron and iron board so that you can press your clothes any anytime. Not let’s move to the next appliance-mixer, this is going to be your helping hand in the kitchen. Nowadays you have a lot of options like mixer, grinder, juicer, food processor. Choose your perfect kitchen partner and go for it.

Some Basic Grocery: This includes your bedsheets, curtains, doormats, towels, kitchen napkins. Cleaning accessories like a mop, broom, and vacuum cleaner if you want are also important. Cleaning materials for bathroom and toilet, floor cleaners, room fresheners, glass cleaners should be on the list. Linens including bedsheets, pillow covers, bath towels, blankets should be considered for yourselves plus any guests you might have. General items like a first-aid kit, basic toolbox, a box with scissors, pins, needle, and thread, batteries, torch, etc.

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