Things To Be Followed For Lifelong Happy Marriage

In India marriages are not restricted to two persons it’s actually a bond formed between two families. Basically, marriages are nothing but a lifelong journey and a relation which need to be maintained throughout their lives.

This journey will have so many ups and downs where you might think of giving up on your relationship. This might result in the failure of a marriage.

The natural course of the wedding is downstream unless you are willing to paddle against the stream. Not only weak but the best marriages can also get stuck in too much distance or too much intensity.

However, it is not too difficult to save your sinking relationship. What you need is little effort and time to keep your marriage alive. Be the one who changes first. As it takes two persons to couple up, it takes only one to make things better.

Below are some of the tips that can save your relationship or may make it the best one.

1)Express yourself: Sharing your emotions and expressing your thoughts will make you both comfortable with each other. Express your love, care, kindness, and respect for each other. Hiding your feelings will make the situation worst.

2)Appreciate: Whatever your partner is doing for you, appreciate all the good things. Your simple words of appreciation can make their day. Positive comments will encourage them to do the best things for you.

3)Sorry & Thank You: Apologizing and thanking your partner will make the things easier. These two are like wheels of a cart. Calculating each other’s fault and mistakes are not at all fruitful.

4)Love yourself: Spend some time with yourself. Make new friends, enjoy your hobbies, spend time with family. If you don’t make things for yourself then you will be over-focused on your partner, which can be irritating for him/her.

5)Keep your promises: Whenever you say that I’ll do this for you then do it. Whatever it takes, put all your efforts to keep your promise. Such small things will build trust between you and your partner.

6)Don’t ask for an apology:  Don’t get into the arguments of proving each other wrong.  Be the one who forgives, but don’t expect or ask of apology. he/she might be comfortable to apologize in some other way like a bunch of rose bouquet or a basket full of chocolates.

7)Positive side: Easygoing relationships are not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to put so much efforts to keep your relationship happy and healthy. For that, it is very important to see only the positive side of your partner. Help your partner to keep this relationship positive

8)Expect Less Give more: More expectations will lead you to disappointment. This will be harmful to you and your relationship as it will push you towards negativity. Instead of that try to give as much love as you can. This will make your partner happy and satisfied with this relation. Marital relationships are actually investing all your love, care, feelings without expecting the same in return.

9)Healthy Sex Life: If you’re a bad partner in bed, initiate sex once in a while even though you don’t feel like it. A long-term relationship won’t flourish if your partner is someone for whom sex is an enlivening essential force and you’re too unavailable. Healthy sex life is important for a happy and life long marriage. Understand and try to fulfill all the needs of your partner.

10) Be Honest: whatever it is be honest with your partner. As it always said;  honesty is the best policy. It is better to emphasize truthfulness because this would eventually strengthen the marital bond. Honesty is a real secret of an ideal marriage.

       So the conclusion is following the above steps can make your marriage work for years. Become a good questioner and observer and change your part in triangles and dysfunctional family patterns. You’ll stand on more solid ground with your partner if you follow some of the above suggestions. Start ASAP. Pick two rules from the list and stick with them. Your relationship will thank you in advance.

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