Investments For Wedding Day


Weddings are special for the bride and groom including family and friends. Nowadays an average family spends 5 to 10 lacs for a weddings function to make it memorable for everyone.

Food and liquor, wedding hall and much more expenses are involved in a wedding function. Some of these are known as expenses as some of them can be called as investments for this beautiful day. Let’s see what are the prewedding investments that need to be considered.

Makeup And Hair:

          Wedding day for a bride is like a beauty at its best. Looking beautiful on a wedding day is really important for a bride. So to get through it and look best on your special day, book a good makeup artist for you. As a woman, you might be good at doing self-makeup but don’t try it on your special day. Go for a professional makeup artist who can design the best look for your wedding day. Always try to have trial sessions for your makeup so that it can help you to decide the best and suitable look for the wedding function. Not only brides but grooms are also taking interest in makeup and looks nowadays.

Wedding Attire:

          You might have decided what to wear on the wedding day. While you might have a dozen ideas in mind for attire you want, it’s really important to consider your budget. If you have a limited budget but still want to have great attire for a grand wedding then go for rental wedding attire. Like other things nowadays wedding costumes are also available on rent. Here you can have the best dress of your choice without spending too much on that. As wedding costumes are so much restricted to that particular function. You can’t wear your wedding dress for someone else’s function because it may look loud. So getting a dress on rent is a good idea. If you are able to spend a good amount on attire then go for it. Matching bride groom dresses are becoming popular nowadays. You can design it by yourself or can get it designed by a professional designer. Customized lehengas, sarees, sherwanis, suits are taking place of traditional Indian wedding attire. You can also purchase a one time used wedding gown or lehenga for you as it will be budget friendly because wedding dresses are generally used only once in a whole lifetime. Enhancing or modifying or redesigning your mom’s or grandma’s wedding dress is also a great idea as it will carry their love, emotions and care. Forget about fancy outlets filled with designer wedding dresses. Sometimes you can find your perfect wedding dress in a local boutique or department store. Be your designer and bring up a beautiful wedding dress of your own. You can buy all the fabric and required material for the dress and get it stitched by a local but good tailor. It will save your money and will fulfil all your requirements for a wedding dress.

Gold And Jewellery:

            Jewellery plays a very important role. It enhances your look of the day. Jewellery matching your attire and a particular function in the whole ceremony is important. Wedding or engagement rings are the attraction of the function. Customized designs or couple wedding rings are trending nowadays. Purchasing gold jewellery other than rings and mangalsutra won’t be possible for everyone. Loud and heavy jewellery is a need for a bridal look but purchasing them can’t be a good idea. Renting imitation jewellery for marriages is an emerging trend. You can even browse around to find a perfect match for your outfits. A little cost can give you a beautiful bridal look. For Indians, gold jewellery is an important part of a wedding and it, therefore, makes sense to invest in gold whether it is buying jewellery, gold coins, gold bars that can later be used to make new and trendy jewellery. Various jewellery stores have designed special monthly schemes where you can invest your money for gold. These schemes will help you to invest in a wide range of jewellery as well as simple gold coins. All these options are good for people who have ample time in hand, wedding loans make the dream wedding to come true.

Wedding Cards:

          Plan a design for invitation card right after you finalise the wedding hall or destination. Traditional wedding cards are now replaced by e-wedding cards. E- wedding cards will save both time and money. You can simply email a wedding invitation to guests. You get a lot of options on the internet where you can design a beautiful wedding invitation. By this way, you can save the cost of printing and delivering wedding invitations. If you want to print the wedding cards then go for it. You will get lots of designs available for invitation cards in the market. Choose your favourite and budget-friendly invitation card. Consider the number of guests you are expecting for this wedding function and according to that decide the number of cards to be printed.

Capture your moments:

       The truth of your wedding function is that it’s only one day; you might think that why should I spend so much for a few hours. But it is essential to capture each and every moment of that one special day. When the day is over, the moments will be forgotten but pictures will live forever. These pictures are going to live on the walls of your home for years, so hire a professional. There are chances that you will be spending a lot of money on your wedding day – more than you’ll spend on any one single day in your entire life. Hire the best professional photographer who knows the ins & outs of the wedding industry, and can anticipate things before they happen. Photography gives you an opportunity to catch all those best moments. Wedding photography is truly an investment in your memories, and when you look at it this way, the cost doesn’t matter. Pre-wedding photo shoots are also trending nowadays. Bride to be and Groom to be hire a professional photographer to do a romantic photo shoot. Engaged couples can decide the theme and costume for this photoshoot or photographer can suggest them the budget-friendly locations and themes. Now photographers are providing pocket-friendly packages which include pre-wedding photoshoot and wedding day shoot with videos.    Consider all the expenses come investments for the wedding day make it memorable and the best day of your life.

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