Checklist For Memorable Reception by Lagnachi Bolni

A wedding reception is nothing but a celebration that follows the wedding ceremony. This party is held as a warm welcome for all those guests who have attended the wedding ceremony. The bride and the Groom welcome all their friends and family members for the first time as a couple.

The concept of reception may change with religion and economic standards of families. Receptions may include various types of rituals and traditions. It is nothing but a grand celebration of feelings followed by food, music, dance and a lot of fun.

Let’s start with the checklist for reception

Guest List

  1. Family
  2. Relatives
  3. Friends
  4. Colleagues
  5. Corporate & Political Members


Weddings were not nearly as expensive a century ago. In Western culture, wedding celebrations were typically held in the bride’s home and the family’s financial standing dictated the style of the reception. A wealthier family might host a grand dance party followed with dinner, while a middle-class family might host an afternoon lunch and tea.

Around the turn of the century, party halls became more popular and the guest lists began to grow, as the bride and groom were no longer limited by the guest list.

Wherever the reception was held, guests were welcomed with a receiving line in which the newly married couple hosts greet every single guest.

So now the very important part is-

The very first thing you will need to decide is the planning of the budget for the wedding reception ceremony. Your job of selection of things will get easy once you set a budget for each thing.


First things first you must make sure to guess the actual presence of invited guests. You have to choose the place accordingly. Don’t plan a wedding hall for the reception of 50 people.

Nowadays receptions usually take place in banquet halls, hotel ballrooms, wedding venues, temples and community halls. Smaller wedding receptions might occur at a restaurant or in a backyard.

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Culture plays an important role in wedding food. A three-course meal is served that includes a salad, main course, and dessert. Buffets are also popular. It all really depends on the choice, budget, and taste of the host.

Food is the most or the only important part of every function. So it should be tasty as well as prepared in a hygienic environment. After your reception ceremony, people will remember only

the food quality for years. So you have to make the best food arrangements for the reception.

After your reception ceremony, people will remember only the quality of food for years. So you have to make the best food arrangements for the reception.


Today wedding parties are introduced with a grand entrance presented by the wedding band or DJ. Within the last decade, traditional dances have fallen to the wayside and dancing has become more of a free-for-all. Modern weddings include the bride and groom’s first dance as a married couple and Choreographed dances are also becoming more popular. The involvement of friends and family makes the function more fun.

Receiving Line

The tradition in which newly married couple and specific family members stand and greet guests is called a receiving line. It gives the opportunity for the new couple to speak and acknowledge each individual guest and acts as a natural transition from the ceremony into the reception. You have to decide whether to have a receiving line at your wedding reception or not. If you want the receiving line then plan the schedule for the receiving line according to the present count.


Theme parties and decorations are getting popular these days. Some hosts are so concerned and interested in themes that they arrange the food according to the reception theme. Choose the theme of your wedding reception. Ask your hall manager to include the things according to the theme in the decoration. Do all the things which are necessary and also budget friendly.

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Timeline & Schedule

You have to set the timeline for the ceremony and you have to include everything in the schedule & give enough time for each thing. You must implement the things accordingly.

                                    Hope you will have the best wedding reception!


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